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Meet Don L Rivers

Don L.  Rivers is a member of the Democratic Party.  He is an organizer not a fraternizer.  In his many years of running for public office, he has not taken money from lobbyists, or any special interest groups. He considers himself to be a representative of the people, not a politician. He not only stands for the people but with the people. 

He is the first born male of seven children. His mother was his heart and he adored her. She taught him that regardless of the circumstances he had to face, individually and collectively, he must stand firm and trust God unconditionally regardless of the situation. Also, to always be a blessing and respectful of those that have a need.

Rivers knows you have probably never heard a politician say they know what it means to work hard  for a living to provide for your family and keep a roof over their head in the midst of all these ridiculous property taxes and levies.  He knows what a toll it takes on your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. Well he knows personally because he has worked three full-time jobs for over 50 years before retiring. Also working alongside several elected officials in an advisory capacity for more than  47 years.  Now he wants to work for you. 

Rivers will develop programs and initiatives to help the people of Washington State to live a happier, healthier and safer life. Using the 3Ls Program- Listen, Learn then Lead, he wants to know what you are thinking and feeling about our state and the communities you live and work in.  During his 39 county to county tour, accompanied by his staff, he or a member of his staff will looks forward to talking with you to hear your concerns, issues and complaints.  Also this will provide an opportunities to get a better understanding of investment opportunities, real estate ventures, manufacturing, and educational needs in those areas.

Committee to Elect Don L Rivers
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